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Copyright 1997-2001  ProLab Resources, Inc. All rights reserved. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Last update : October 12, 2001.

ProLab Resources is a creative software development and information consulting company serving analytical laboratories. ProLab Resources' products and services help to empower laboratory managers to streamline common and complex processing tasks to improve information flow within the laboratory.

ProLab Resources' manufactures data systems and integration products for mass spectrometers (MS), gas (GC) and liquid (LC) chromatography instruments. ProLab Resources' products include multitasking, PC-based instrument controllers and software designed to automate a variety of commercial GC, HPLC, and MS instruments (HP, Finnigan, Extrel, ...) as well as processing workstations for distributed information access.

ProLab Resources' EXTEND software products are targeted to Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Agilent ChemStation data system users. EXTEND is a targeted set of software enhancements that "layer" over existing   ChemStation software to greatly improve its productivity and performance.

In addition, ProLab Resources offers laboratory information and network consulting services to laboratories seeking to utilize today's emerging technologies to improve laboratory productivity.


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